Chapter 1

It at had been a long day but now a big dark cloud covered the sun, Gertrude shivered.  Behind her an empty beach stretched back to the distant sea.  A few feet away, the top of his head showing above the hole they had dug together, Gertrude’s  brother chattered to himself as he continued to dig.  Everyone else had gone home. They were all alone.

“Mum!  Where are you?”  Gertrude’s shout disappeared on the wind.

The beach was stark, gloomy and the clouds were like purple bruises on the grey sky.  Bob climbed hurriedly out of the hole.

“Where is everyone?  Where is Mum gone?”

His eyes were wide as he glanced anxiously up and down the beach.  Bob’s hair was the colour of straw and the salt air stiffened it so that it stood in spikes around his thin face.

It had began to rain.  The tide came in quickly and huge drops splashed against Gertrude’s skin, that also left dark craters in the soft sand.

“Mum must of gone back to the hotel, come on let’s go!”  Said Gertood as she turned away and started to walk towards the sand dunes.

The wind flung stinging sand at her shins and lowered her face against the rain.

“Wait!  Gertood don’t go!”  Bob shouted.

“I’m coming for you!”  She started to run and screamed as a loud crash of thunder boomed overhead.

Chapter 2

Reluctantly, Gertrude turned to wait for her brother.  As she reached for his hand an explosion of forked lightning ripped through the broken sky.

As Gertrude got to the sand dunes, she looked back and saw that her brother had gone.

“Bob!  Where are you?!”  She screamed.

“I fell in the hole!”  He replied.

The tide came in rapidly and fast, a huge amount of salt water filled the hole quickly that roughly lifted him to the surface.

“Help!” He screamed.

But instead a big gush of water gurgled into his mouth.

Gertrude saw that her brother was struggling and trying to squirm out of the water, so she immediately grabbed his arms and attempted to pull him out.  But he wouldn’t budge, it was like he was stuck in quick sand, she tried a few more pulls but it was no use.  But with her last bit of energy and courage, with all of her strength, tried, one, last pull.


An enormous wave came crashing through that swept Gertrude off her feet and pulling Bob successfully out of the hole and forcing them to shore safely.  Then with their last ounce of energy they both exhaustedly walked to the nearest dry sand area.

Chapter 3

It wasn’t raining any more, the dark cloud had drifted away and the sun had already set, it was getting really dark.

So after their little rest they both agrees to dry off and head back to the hotel where they were guessing that’s where their Mum was.

Gertrude glanced up at the steep sand dune that stood between them and they hotel, and started to climb, pulling Bob up with her.

As they walked through the entrance of the hotel they saw their Mum sitting in the Cafe waiting for them.  After they explained what happened to them their Mother was in shock, but happy that they were alright.

“But why did you leave us on the beach Mum?!”  Asked Gertrude anxiously.

“Because I had to do something and I thought you two were going to be alright,”

she explained.

“But we almost drowned!”  Shouted Bob.

“I know and it’s a miracle that you’re safe, now get to bed, it’s late.”




Science Reflection

On Tuesday we went to the Science Road Show at Raumati Beach School.  One of the things we learnt about at the beginning was about physical change and chemical change, and the difference between them both.  For example, physical change is when you rip a piece of paper, it can be reversed and you can put it back together again.  But with chemical change is when you burn it,  the burnt bit cannot be put back together again because it’s turned into ash.

After we learnt about that, we got to check out all the exhibits that they had set up for us.  There were lots of them, and I was most fansinated with mostly all of the ones I tried.  But the one I liked the most was the one that you look through the telescope and see things really up close that you couldn’t normally see with the naked eye.  Speaking of telescopes, we learnt a bit of history there too,  we learnt that a drop of water was the first magnifying glass ever, even before glass itself.

I’m sure there would be lots of other stuff I could tell you but unfortunately I can’t remember all of it.

After an hour and a half of Science, we had to hop on the bus and go back to school.  *Sigh* It could be great if we could do that another time!! 🙂

Ski Camp Reflection

Camp was really fun especially learning how to Snowboard.  It was kinda hard at first but when I got the hang of it, I was alright.  It was also hard keep my balance though and mostly when I wanted to stop, I just feel over.  I didn’t really get the hang of stopping probably.

But the best memory for me was going on the Ski Lift.  Mostly because of the view but partly because we got to watch the Pro Skiers and Snowboarders go down the steep hills and slopes.

But they made it look so easy though, and judging by their facial expressions it looked like they weren’t putting any effort into it at all.  Also, not one person had fallen over like I did to stop.  Some of them even looked like kids younger than ME.  At one point we even got to see someone go down the highest point of Mt. Ruapehu, or the highest that we could see because it was quite cloudy and muggy, the nasty weather spoilt the Ski Lift ride.  When we got bored we said ‘Hi’ to all the people in the Ski Lift who were going in the opposite direction as us, most of them were quite friendly and probably only 3 people didn’t say ‘Hi’ back, we went past alot of strangers.

That was so far the best experience I’ve had and I hope I can do it again another time.



Art with Mrs M

Two weeks ago we had a reliever all week, we did heaps of fun stuff but the best thing for me was on Wednesday or Tuesday.  All the people who were in Artsplash choir group went to Kapanui for a singing practise for a half a day, so we did an art activity, it was draw, an enlarge, abstract, flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keefe.

But first, we had to choose either 3 cold colours or 3 hot colours and we had to choose if we wanted our flowers to be straight or non-straight, you couldn’t do both otherwise it wouldn’t look right.  Mostly everyone chose non-straight mostly because it’s easier and it looks better, I chose 3 hot colours, but sadly I couldn’t get a photo of it. 🙁

It was really fun to do and I’m very proud of the outcome.  I liked doing it because it was an interesting doing an unusual style of art like itself and plus we haven’t done art much this term or last term.  But the bad thing about it was that there was only 3 girls in the class at the time.

Onomatopoeia Poem


Bounce! Ahh! Pong!

I hit the ball with all my might

Swishhh… Pong!

My apponint hit the ball straight back at me


As the ball came to me rapidly, I swinged my racket real hard


But suprisingly I swinged it too early and missed

Arghh! “Out!”

1-0 I got the ball once again, bounced it, and hit it to the other person again

Urghh!! Swish..!!